Yoo-hoo Brought Back Its Cookies & Cream Drink

Yoo-hoo Brought Back Its Cookies & Cream Drink

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There are things near and dear to our hearts that will forever bring us back to our childhoods. Whether it’s taking care of a Tamagotchi, grabbing a Lunchables to bring to school, or secretly wishing you got slimed on Nickelodeon, these memories are near and dear to my ‘90s heart. Sipping on a chocolate milk while watching Saturday morning cartoons also resonates with us, and that’s why we’re excited for some Yoo-hoo news.

Yoo-hoo Brought Back Its Cookies & Cream Drink

Yoo-hoo Cookies & Cream Drink (Four 10-Count Boxes)

So let’s get to it: Yoo-hoo has brought back its Cookies & Cream drink! The first mention of the Yoo-hoo flavor we can find is on a blog post from December 2005. As expected, the packaging has changed quite a bit. Now it’s a fresh white with splashes of chocolate milk, and there's a reminder to “shake it!” before you start sipping.

“As soon as we tried this, we both agreed that it tasted exactly like something we’ve already had, which makes sense since we always eat Oreos,” Instagram account @mnmtwinz, who recently got their hands on the drink, captioned their photo. “Then we narrowed this flavor down to tasting similar to Oreo O’s.”

The Yoo-hoo Cookies & Cream, from Dr Pepper Snapple Group, has been spotted at Walmart, and it is listed on the retailer’s website. Yoo-hoo also has other tasty milk flavors to keep your taste buds on their toes. There’s Chocolate Strawberry, Chocolate Caramel, Strawberry, and Chocolate Peanut Butter. Now we can’t help but think that we’d rather drink our snack than eat it!

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